Sunday, July 30, 2006


In basketball, Leagues was divided into Scholastic, Collegiate, and NBA. Being the superior basketballer that I am, I got to coach Scholastic. I would have been happy to watch and learn, but they liked the counselors to be doing things. The other Scholastic coaches were Vera, Abby, and Cameron, and the four of us had to run a draft, then coach and ref the very competitive KSA Scholastic League.

Thanks to a bit of coaching from Zuri while I had a day off, my team turned a less-then-stellar start to the season around, and ended up winning the much-coveted League Champs t-shirts.

Third session Vera and I got to co-coach in the amalgamated Scholastic and Collegiate League. We tried really really hard to win a t-shirt for Vera but unfortunately it was not to be. Oh well, we still scored the best player even with the third draft pick. Leagues also got more fun with the arrival of super-coaches Becky and Erica. And the Jayhawks rocked!

Period Two each day was devoted to WKSA: basketball just for the girls. This was probably my favourite period, as it was all the female basketball counselors, we were often learning right along with the girls, and we got to participate a lot and even had a few games against the campers. Wish I could still remember the play that we learnt. Artie?


KSA played in a lot of intercamps, mostly for the campers but the counselors also got a run. First up was the guys, hosted by KSA: lots of testosterone, flashy moves, and brilliant skills. A big event and great game to watch.

The girls also got a few games, later in the session. Of course, we dominated, as befits anyone from KSA. I think we played two games at home. We actually had a fairly close game with arrgh - mental blank - a team anyway, and were challenged to a game on their home court. Please. For a start, their 'home court' was also home to a bajillion bugs and oh yeah, had a lump right under the basket. A little hill, right there on the court. Anyway, we of course squished them like bugs, due to my brilliantly annoying defence on their 'guard' and Regis' excellent coaching methods (like sharing court time. It's a new concept. It'll catch on.).
The ride home with Abby and Randi was most excellent as we battled through Walmart to make it home by curfew. Thanks again to the scary Orthodox Jewish couple who let us go ahead of them. Much appreciated.
Three-on-three was last period every day. Very hot, very lazy counselors and campers. Again, we got the younger kids which was fine. There was lots of lazy around working on our tans. Really should have bought drinks down on a tray more than once.

PS. I don't think Abby was actually there for that period, but I could be wrong. It's a great pic anyway.
Beautiful Basketball Days at KSA
We had this running joke going. Chris always liked to point out the differences in weather between a KSA summer and being in Germany (where Vera and Chris have both lived). It got interesting when Chris asked whether Vera was going to be wearing a bikini tomorrow.
Just another beautiful day at KSA.

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