Thursday, July 27, 2006

June: On the plane

Was seated next to a really nice girl called Sarah (I think) who'd been studying in Melbourne and was now on her way home to New York. She was able to tell me a little about the Monticello area (and how to pronounce it) which was very comforting.

On the other side of me was a women, no idea what her name was, but the three of us played cards for a little while and chatted. All in all, a very nice row to be seated in.

I was awake most of the flight, playing cards, chatting, looking at photos on Sarah's computer, eating, drinking, (they fed us a lot). Pretty sure the movie was crap, but can't really remember.

When we got to LA, Sarah helped me to find the gate for my connecting flight, another five hours to JFK.

That was a much nicer plane; as you can see the first one wasn't anything special. I was seated behind a family with a young kids, and I remember thinking about all the special attention we used to get when we travelled as a family. I'm sure I was cute.

As we circled, waiting to land at JFK, there seemed to be a lot of stars in the sky. Unusual, I thought, considering the size of New York City. Hey look, they're moving. That's right, I'm an idiot: they were all planes waiting to land. We're so not in Kansas anymore.

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