Thursday, July 27, 2006

Dec, Jan: The waiting game

So I had been promised a placement within like a month or something.

January 25th (I think) I got a call to say they had found a place for me! Yay!!! At some place called Kutshers Sports Academy, in upstate New York. Like in Dirty Dancing. All pretty with the hills and activities and stuff. Yeah, that's the place.

Then I was promised a contract in a few weeks. This did not happen. I was not happy. I wanted some proof to say I was going. (As I found out, this was not really the way things happened. One girl got to camp a day or so late as she'd only just, like the day before, found out she'd been accepted there. Crazy.)

I also had to get a passport and visa.
The passport was no problem, got a photo taken, stupid bitch at the photo shop got all narky with me cos I asked a few questions so if I look shitty, it's cos I was. Neece was there the day it came, I'd forgotten about it but she was quite excited. So I could leave the country. Cool.

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