Thursday, July 27, 2006

June: Departure

I ended up filling one huge suitcase and one huge duffel bag. Very stupid and very funny considering I only took the suitcase when I fully moved out home, and it wasn't even that full. Anyway.

Flew to Sydney at some ungodly hour of the morning, then got to wait around in Sydney all morning til my plane took off.

It was cold.

To amuse myself I had McDonalds for breakfast (healthy way to start the day) and read Metro Girl by Janet Evanovich. I was mostly asleep and so had to read it again when I got to camp and was actually awake.

When it was time to check in, I ducked under the rope maze thing so I didn't have to wheel my brick-heavy suitcase up and down and up and down. And got asked by a nice guy with a turban if he could check my bag. I was very embarrassed and worried that he'd pull out some underwear or chick kinda things in the middle of Sydney airport. Fortunately, he didn't and I was allowed to check in.

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