Sunday, July 30, 2006

June: First week at camp - Walmart and Roarks

Our first week was spent in getting to know the camp, the other counselors, and the town of Monticello.

We had an exciting night at the KSA canteen. Woohoo! No seriously, they do great chocolate shakes, as well as ice cream, pizza, pretzels, mac and cheese, and other healthy American foods (talk about an oxymoron!)

We had lots of fun at the two Monticello houses of entertainment: Walmart and Rorkes. For the internationals, it was our first time in a real Walmart, and our first time riding on a real yellow school bus. Ooh, and the drive-thru ATM. We're easy to thrill.

It was Ellen's birthday early on, so that one was of our first experiences of Roarks. Not that we needed an excuse to go there. Roarks was also the place where the pre-hooking up drinks were consumed and first moves made.

And I can never forget my time spent with the two best blokes in the place: Ben and Jerry.

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