Thursday, July 27, 2006

June: First night and morning in New York

Got a cab from the airport with a guy named Josh who was also from Australia, and I'd noticed his IEP t-shirt on the way through customs and immigration. Very good to have someone to share the cab fare with.

Got to our hostel with no problems, checked in (or whatever it is you do in hostels) and found my room. Accidentally woke everyone up when I turned on the light (it was about midnight, understandable that they'd be pissed) then went for a shower and some sleep myself.

Woke up and met them under much better circumstances, then it was time to store our luggage and go to the Bunac orientation meeting.

Lots of people there (well duh, obviously) and well over half of them were KSA-bound. After a bit of a talk about America and summer camps, he split us up into our camps, so we could meet the people who'd be counsellors with us for the rest of the summer.

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