Friday, July 28, 2006

June: The birth of E7

Sylvie (American, Wisconsin, skating) arrived early with her boyfriend John (American, New York, hockey) and his sister JoMo (camper, E12, skating, volleyball) and Jenna (camper, E1). Also arrived early was Hailey (camper, E7).

Anyway, when the rest of the (read: American) counselors arrived, we had more meetings, some with all the counselors and some just girls up in Girls' Camp. There were some dramas when Stacey (counselor, E8) didn't want to be separated from Sylvie, even though they'd be right next door, and when Cat (counselor, E8), Helen (counselor, E7) and I didn't want to be separated from American, returning counselors.

In the end, we all settled down and made posters, although Stacey did go home early from camp. Helen later left us for E1, and Sylvie and I were left to carry on the good work of E7. Which was very fun. See hair straighteners, Jessica Simpson, Build Me Up Buttercup, hot new dance moves.

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